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Tracking at Millpost Records

Specialising in the capturing of folk and acoustic music with accuracy and reliability, Millpost Records currently has the capability to record up to 18 simultaneous high bit-rate channels with a range of physical and digital preamps available. We have a wonderful selection of new and vintage microphones, allowing us to capture any source with precision. If you're looking for re-amping, we can guarantee the tone you need, as well as providing pedals and more. When it comes to preamps, we have some of the best around. If you want to see our full list, click below to learn more.

Mixing at Millpost Records

Millpost Records are becoming well-known for our skills after the tracking process has finished. With some of the most sought-after equipment in our possession, from vintage valve amplifiers, retro and vintage outboard gear, and a range of over 120 of the best paid-for plug-ins and emulations on the market, we have your mixes covered, and we can give you the sound that you can trust. From API to Neve, from Manley to Studer, and from Teletronix to Capitol, we can enhance your recordings with professional results. Click the button below to find out more.


Mastering at Millpost Records


The art of mastering is a delicate and artistic process, giving your mixes the final subtle processing to polish and give slight lift and processing to finalise your tracks. Once we've done this, you are going to have radio-ready, CD (or Vinyl) quality masters ready for your release. With the use of premium industry mastering plug-ins, including metering systems, tape machines, compressors and chains, we'll help you with your final touches to get the silkiest and smoothest sounds possible.

Sound good? BOOK NOW!

Millpost Records are now accepting studio time and scouting for artists to sign. Contact us now to find out how we can make your musical ideas become a reality.

Previous & Current Clients

Catch the Sparrow - recording, mixing, mastering

Jack Hogsden - signing, recording, mixing, mastering

Jon Doran - mixing, mastering

Konstantinos Pavlopoulos - recording

Leon Hogsden - recording, mixing, mastering

Sam Baxter - mixing, mastering

TROI - recording

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