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Jack Hogsden is a traditional folk artist focusing on Southern-English song and tune.  Since a his teenage years, Jack has attended folk clubs and worked with numerous artists from across the country.  Currently working primarily as a solo artist, he is known for his diverse repertoire of songs and ballads, featuring numerous themes and perspectives across his vocal range, and commonly accompanied by his signature guitar styles.  These melodic, percussive and rhythmic arrangements tied with his creative use of time signatures showcase the material collected in and around England.  Alongside this, he also utilises his skills on the melodeon, showcasing driving dance music, lilting airs, waltzes, polskas and more, from around the world.  Paired with his self-penned tunes, his Morris style is recognised across the folk circuit, and his performances have been seen at numerous folk clubs, concerts, and festivals around the UK.

Over the course of the 2020-21 pandemic, Jack has been venturing into numerous other aspects of music, including melodeon teaching, session work, sound engineering, label management, design, and working on ethnomusicological research surrounding the folk musics of the UK.  As the founder of Millpost Records, Jack is often the first point of call, and also acts as a scout for the newest emerging talent on the UK folk circuit.  His previous performance experience includes performances alongside Eliza Carthy, Jackie Oates, Lady Maisery, Nick Hart, and more, at some of the most prestigious folk clubs and festivals in the UK.  He is an award winning Cotswold dancer, and can be seen playing for numerous ceilidh bands and Morris sides.  Jack is due to release is debut album through us in 2021.  He has also gained traction through his Kitchen Sessions - weekly streams on Facebook for Don't Stop the Music, where he has helped raise tens of thousands of pounds for those in the folk industry struggling financially during the pandemic.

On 2nd May 2022, his debut EP 'A Borrowed Box' was released with pre-order through Millpost Records.


His website can be viewed            , and his shop items can be viewed by clicking            .

Be sure to keep an eye on Jack through his social media links:

  • Jack Hogsden - Twitter
  • Jack Hogsden - Instagram
  • Jack Hogsden - Facebook
  • Jack Hogsden - Youtube
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