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A Borrowed Box - Digital Download

A Borrowed Box - Digital Download

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The first release from Jack Hogsden, A Borrowed Box, showcases some of the finest melodeon playing on the English folk circuit. This 4-track EP takes you on a journey through both traditional tunes and compositions, as well as including numerous styles of dance tunes from Jack's current repertoire. Despite Jack only having this instrument in his possession (on loan from fellow box player Dave Gray) for 3 days, this EP shows the symbiosis between Jack and the vintage Castagnari Mory.


This stripped-back EP showcases Jack's ability to encorporate dynamic contrasts, as well as manipulate tunes to be utilised for diffferent dance styles or rhythmic emphases. 


This EP Digital Download is a Zip file, that when purchased is available to download for 30 days via an email sent directly to you. 


Track Listing:


  1. Michael Turner's Waltz
  2. Trunkles
  3. Kathleen's Waltz
  4. Lemonville/Quarrymen
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