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Catch The Sparrow is the project of Dutch composer, arranger and vocalist Suze Terwisscha. After obtaining a degree in jazz and pop vocals at the Utrecht Conservatoire, she moved to the UK to pursue her love for folk and traditional music at Newcastle University. 

With Catch The Sparrow, Suze incorporates influences of folk, jazz and pop music in original songs that are both soulful and delicate. Soaring melodies and rich harmonies are paired with thoughtful, intricate lyrics, in which her inquisitive spirit shines through. The result is both passionate and vulnerable, exciting and comforting: music to fire up the brain and sooth the soul.

Over the past year, she has been working on new music that is not only steeped in the lyrical ballad tradition, but also reflects her own personal experiences as an international student living abroad during a global pandemic. 

Her debut album ‘Painting The Roses Red’ saw its worldwide digital release on the 26th of February 2021, and can be listened to            , and you can find out more on her website            .

Click            to see her items in the shop.

Be sure to keep an eye on Catch the Sparrow through her social media links:

  • Catch the Sparrow - Spotify
  • Catch the Sparrow - Instagram
  • Catch the Sparrow - Facebook
  • Catch the Sparrow - Youtube
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